I’m Inès Davodeau, a graphic
designer specializing in type design.
I love create my own
raw material, like typeface,
to produce unique project
with strong personality.

My favorite creative tools
are constraints, they push up
my creativity and challenge me!

The perfect project has a
strong and unique concept with
beautiful and delicate design.
(+33)6 59 90 57 20


Fictional campaign for the COVID-19 vaccin.
The idea was sell more than a simple vaccin,
we sell magical moment from real life.
So we take moments of real life to make them magical and convince people to go back
to normal life.

Work with @mandrine_kempa and
@warriorsstudio 🔥

︎︎︎Art Direction, Type Design


(+33) 6 59 90 57 20

Aix en Provence (France)