Bonjour ! Je suis Inès Davodeau,
graphiste spécialisée en edition
et typographie. J'aime créer
ma propre matière première,
comme une typographie,
pour réaliser un projet unique
à forte personnalité.
Mes outils créatifs préférés
sont les contraintes,
elles poussent ma créativité
et me mettent au défis!
Le projet parfait a un concept fort
et unique avec un design
subtil et délicat.

I’m Inès Davodeau, a graphic
designer specializing in editorial
and type design. I love to create
my own raw material, like typeface,
to produce unique project
with strong personality.
My favorite creative tools
are constraints, they push up
my creativity and challenge me!
The perfect project has a
strong and unique concept with
beautiful and delicate design.

Collaboration: Pizza Typefaces, Alt8,
Crème de Papier, Stéphane Lamalle,
Gilles Uzan, Garagisme, Type Department,
Zoe Karsen, We Are Distillery, By Beyond,
François Marcziniak.
(+33)6 59 90 57 20

This typeface was born from the contrast between the human and the machine.
It explores the relationship between those two entities, one brings sensitivity and the other brings
rigidity to create cyborgs letters. From this union, it gets its mix of organic and mechanic shapes.
This character was designed for headlines and titling. 

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ASFEN Family (4 styles) + Variable

ASFEN Regular

ASFEN Semi-extended

ASFEN Extended

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Aix en Provence (France)

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