I’m Inès Davodeau, a graphic
designer specializing in type design.
I love create my own
raw material, like typeface,
to produce unique project
with strong personality.

My favorite creative tools
are constraints, they push up
my creativity and challenge me!

The perfect project has a
strong and unique concept with
beautiful and delicate design.
(+33)6 59 90 57 20

Little God

︎︎︎Photography, Type design, Art direction


@evelienpeijl and @locksthepainter asked me to create a piece of art which talks about COVID
and I made this typeface and picture!
The entire project will be a book with many piece
of art of several artist and all profits will go to @redcrosseu.

My work talks about the rules of society and the fact that when we are alone these rules are no longer really applicable, because we are no longer subject to external scrutiny and finally the only rules are those that we impose on ourselves. From that,
I built an absurd universe where the rules can be changed and where the person in the room is the boss who polishes his world as he sees fit like a little god.

So the walls are falling and the room can become whatever we want...

(+33) 6 59 90 57 20

Aix en Provence (France)