Both modern and old school, Holise is a condensed typeface adorned with spicy details on the serif that gives it all its originality. This elegant typo will brighten up your title and large text.

︎︎︎Total glyph set: 687
︎︎︎Weight : 1
︎︎︎Little capitals : YES
︎︎︎Variable font support : NO
︎︎︎Languages: Central Europe, Southeast Europe,
    and Western Europe, Greek (capitals)
︎︎︎Download glyphs set

︎︎︎Designer : Inès Davodeau
︎︎︎Date of creation : 2021
︎︎︎Date of release : December 15th  2021

How buy the font ?

︎︎︎ If you are a designer and want to use the font for one of your clients, you need to know how many people work in your client's business.
︎︎︎ If you are purchasing the font for yourself or your business, you have to fill how many people work with/for you.

︎︎︎Purchase license for size company > 1500, please contact me.

How chose the right licence ?

︎︎︎Please read the EULA to chose the right license!

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