Æden Jewerly


Original Design: Adrien Midzic
Additionnal Design: Inès Davodeau & Adrien Midzic Spacing, Kerning, Production: PizzaTypefaces

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Bota typeface, previously designed as a bespoke typeface for Boissnot&Tailliez and take the biggest part of their visual identity, is now available in a ‘Re-naissance’ (in french) version designed in collaboration with Inès Davodeau (as main designer).

Bota contain 5 weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. This new version also offer a “real” italic with broken but dynamic legs and feet.

Bota take its original letter forms from the Cochin font, designed by Georges Peignot in 1912 for Fonderie G. Peignot et Fils and it's the result of a contemporary interpretation.

Started in Junuary, 2021 and after 6 months of work, Bota is now supported all latin scripts and offer a full OpenType features to cover all aspects of a contemporary layout, in small and big size.
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Marseille & Paris, France