I’m Inès Davodeau, a graphic
designer specializing in type design.
I love create my own
raw material, like typeface,
to produce unique project
with strong personality.

My favorite creative tools
are constraints, they push up
my creativity and challenge me!

The perfect project has a
strong and unique concept with
beautiful and delicate design.
(+33)6 59 90 57 20


︎︎︎Edirorial design, Art Direction


Ballast est un magazine français engagé. Mon concept éditorial est basé sur le fait que cette revue s'intéresse à ce qui se passe partout dans le monde. Les cartes, les repères et les légendes composent alors la direction artistique.

Ballast is an engaged French magazine. We had
to redesign it. My editorial concept is based on the fact that this review is interested in what is happening all over the world, maps, landmarks
and legends composed the art direction.

(+33) 6 59 90 57 20

Aix en Provence (France)